Thursday, December 13, 2012

How do we see observational learning used in the workplace? How do we see observational learning being used in our everyday life? Is observational learning effective? Why or why not?

Observational learning occurs when one observers another behaviors, which enables one to reenact those behaviors. In the workplace observational learning is used in a few ways. I know this first hand as I worked as a manager, supervisor, and human resources assistant at different jobs. Therefore, whenever I first started to train an employee I used instructional videos so that the new employees could observe the job functions they were to undertake. Next, I would take employees into the actual work area they would occupy and allow them to observe me performing the job task. After that I would pair a new employee with an employee that performed their job title well enough to train another employee. This allowed the new employee to observe the other employee, which enabled the new employee to learn though observing the other employees behaviors.
     In everyday life, one often observers others behaviors which enable one to perform the same desired behaviors. Observational learning normally first occurs when one is a child. Children often observe the behaviors of their parents or caregivers and other children. As one develops observational learning is used in learning how to eat with utensils, how to dress oneself, how to drive, and sometimes how to interact with others. Many aspects of everyday life are learned and relearned through observational learning to help with one's development.
     I do believe that observational learning is effective. Observational learning is used as a tool for both learning and teaching. Some learned behaviors are positive and some are negative, overall I believe that positive learned behaviors outweigh the negative behaviors. Therefore, yes I do believe observational learning is effective.

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