Saturday, June 21, 2014

Identify at least one contributor to each of the four theoretical approaches in clinical psychology, along with his or her specific theories or views about human behavior. Which of the four approaches do you find most interesting?

         The four theoretical approaches in clinical psychology are the psychodynamic approach, the behavioral and cognitive-behavioral approaches, the humanistic approach, and the family systems approach (Plante, 2011). Each of these four approaches can be considered as resulting effects of Sigmund Freud's work; whereas, others either tried to further Freud's work or discredit his work which led to other theories that were either the result of further previous theories or as a result of opposing them. The psychodynamic approach is a product of Freud's work; whereas, Freud held the belief that human behavior was the result of conflict between three mental structures which are the id, ego, and superego (Plante, 2011). The behavioral and cognitive-behavioral approaches where a result of B. F. Skinner's and other's work; whereas human behavior occurred as a result of learning and conditioning (classical and operant). The humanistic approach was partially the result of Abraham Maslow's work; whereas, Maslow held the belief that human behavior was motivated in order to achieve particular needs. The family system approach was partially the result of Virginia Satir's work; whereas, shel held the belief that human behavior was the result of families acting covertly or overtly as a means of achieving a balanced relationship (Plante, 2011).
          Of these four approaches, I find the humanistic approach as one of the most interesting. Of course it can be seen that human behavior occurs as the result of needs and once needs are met, individuals continue to behave in a manner to continue to meet such needs. Needs are indeed a driving force that influence behavior.
Plante, T. G. (2011). Contemporary Clinical Psychology (3rd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley & Sons, Inc

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