Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Personality Traits

          The Ten-Item Personality Inventory (TIPI) is of particular interest for Shura Steven Whitaker in regard to testing for personality traits. The development of the TIPI occurred as for the purpose of assessing the constellation of traits that the Five Factor Theory of Personality defines (Friedman & Schustack, 2011). In regard to rating as for the Big 5 Personality traits: openness to experiences, emotional stability, conscientiousness, agreeableness, and extraversion scoring were as follows. First, extraversion: 7.00, there is the appearance of being an extrovert; characterized by the tendency for seeking stimulation and the company of other individuals and positive emotions. Second, agreeableness: 6.50, is a high score for agreeableness suggesting being more cooperative and compassionate toward other individuals. Third, conscientiousness: 7.00, is a high score in conscientiousness; which, suggest there is great value in aiming for achievement, acting dutifully, and self-discipline (PsychCentral, 2014).  
          Fourth, emotional stability: 7.00, is quite of a high score for emotional stability; which, suggest being far less emotionally reactive to painful or stressful individuals or situations, and rarely easily upset. Lastly, openness to experiences: 7.00; is quite a high as for openness to experiences and suggesting a general appreciation for a variety of experience. Also, in regard to curiosity, imagination, unusual ideas, adventure, emotion, and art.
Propose Solutions for Working Together
            Steven understands that putting together individuals in teams allows different personality types opportunities for developing, combining, and implementing differing ideas critical for completing team goals.
Synopsis of the Reliability and Validity of Personality Measurements
          In regard to reliability and validity, the TIPI is a reliable and valid personality test because achieving the same results occurred after retesting. Also, it indeed measures personality traits as it claims, and there was an ability to interpret test scores in a meaningful way with the purpose of measuring personality traits. This assessment indeed depicts accurate results in regard to personality traits of Steven, and he agrees with the findings of the TIPI.  

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