Thursday, August 8, 2013

Do you plan to retire or continue working as an older adult? Explain why.

          At the present moment in time as a college student and divorced father of three children, I have no plans to retire when I become an older adult. Although, this my change when I do become an older adult because I may become remarried and other life plans may change. As of right now I am pursuing goals, as far as education and career, such as a Masters in Clinical Psychology and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology that will allow me to work and not retire until my health diminishes. I plan to work as a licensed clinical psychologist and teach at the college level. I think as a licensed clinical psychologist I can provide significant services for clients dealing with a variety of mental health issues or disorders, and hopefully allow my clients to live a life of as close to possible with unhindered daily functioning. As a professor I think I may be able to guide future counselors, psychologist, and psychological researchers by providing substantial knowledge pertaining to psychology from the viewpoint of an individual that is amazed by psychology, the human brain, mind, and their inner workings. Also I intend on providing support from my three children well into their adulthood and beyond; sure my children will become adults one day but I think as their parent I will never stop providing support for them whenever needed.   

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