Sunday, September 22, 2013

Parents, teachers, peers, and others provide memorable appraisals throughout life. When you were growing up, who in your life provided the most positive and negative appraisals? How have appraisals threatened or boosted your self-esteem? How do they affect you today?

          As I was growing up I had a similar childhood background as another individual who also had no siblings but he was raised by both parents; while I was raised by only one parent. That individual who was a single parent, provided the most positive appraisals in my life; he was my father. Growing up I traveled frequently between Australia and America, and between two different states, which were California, and Texas. Therefore, I often lost friends, remained friends with some individuals, gained new friends, and changed schools frequently. During these changes in my life, my father provided love, support, encouragement, and enjoyment throughout my development as a child until his death at my age of 17. I am not sure who provided the most negative appraisals in my life because the positive appraisals provided by my father were very overshadowing. Who I developed into today is a result of the appraisals provided by my father, which boosted my self-esteem and still has an effect on my self-esteem today. As of the affect today, I am the same man as my father; as for how I live my life, how I act as a father, and as for how I provide appraisals for my three children, which also provides a boost for their self-esteem.

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