Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Positive Psychology Themes

    Positive Psychology
     Positive psychology tries to build the human strengths by first assess and understanding them. As human beings we all are creators of our own social and personal worlds. We as humans have much to gain by seeing that we are self-aware and by seeing that we are in charge of said means of building our own personal and social worlds instead of waiting for external forces to build them for us. The belief in the ability to have the choice, the chance to change, and control what influences any goals that we set and how much effort that we use to pursue said goals. People that are able to function with a high level of skill are the most responsible when it come to owning and answering their own actions. 
Creators and Creatures
     We as humans are not just creators of our own personal and social worlds, but we are creatures of them as well. Unlike other creatures we human creatures are self-aware and use this self-awareness to draw from feedback from a factor of biology that occur now and that occurred in our past. What occurred in our past and what occurs now molds our behaviors. As creatures we need an understanding of what affects us and how it affects us externally. So that we are capable of making needed choices that will enable a state of well-being in all factors of our lives.
     By applying and using the scientific method one can use psychology to see past all non-truths and determine all truths. This is keen to determining and understanding of subjective well-being and civic virtue. Humans as both creatures and creators have two main needs. These needs are of belonging and of autonomy.
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