Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Relationship Strategies

     Before one can understand which strategies one could use to strengthen a relationship and know-how said relationship would be strengthened, one must know when relationships begin and how they are developed. Relationships begin and develop when one is an infant. This first relationship is a development between an infant, the infant’s mother, or father, or both, or caregiver. This relationship is based on the needs of the infant and how the mother, or father, or both, or caregiver is available and responsive to said needs. In this relationship love begins.
     For one to strengthen a relationship the strategies that could be used are to carve out time to talk, handle conflict constructively, express admiration, show affection, create shared meaning, and model Michelangelo. If one uses these strategies in their relationship and has their partner do the same then said relationship can only grow stronger. The reason the relationship will grow stronger is because by applying said strategies one shows a genuine interest in their relationship and their partner. Which, pulls their partner closer into the relationship for further development and growth. By using said strategies one shows their partner they are willing to invest in themselves and in their partner to strengthen and better their relationship.
One so willing to instill the strategies of carving out time to talk, handling conflict constructively, expressing admiration, showing affection, creating shared meaning, and modeling Michelangelo shows their true commitment to themselves, their partner, and their relationship.

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