Thursday, June 6, 2013

Quiz Three

1.      (T) or F George Kelly developed the first modern theory of personal constructs in the 1950’s. 
2.      T or (F) Cognitive style and learning style are the same.
3.      T or (F) People low in integrative complexity tend to make more well-informed and well-balanced evaluations of complex issues, are more open-minded and tolerant, and show considerable cognitive self-direction.
4.      T or (F) People high in integrative complexity may sometimes encounter more difficulty in making clear-cut decisions based on moral principles.
5.      T or (F) People with strong gender schemas tend to process social information along the lines of traditional gender stereotypes.
6.      Match the following:
Social-cognitive theory
Useful tool in understanding depression
Ideal self
Promotion focus
Ought self
Prevention focused
Actual self
Attributes one believes he/she possesses
Studied identity in college women (guardians, drifters)
Studied identity development in adolescents and college students (4 statuses)
Generativity seven features
Explored generativity (four types)

7.      (T) or F Tomkin’s Script Theory began as a model of Murray’s work.
8.      T or (F) McAdams’s narrative approach focuses on Loevinger’s concept of identity.
9.      (T) or F Telling life stories cannot bring healing.

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