Sunday, February 2, 2014

What challenges do organizations face in selecting employees? How might organizations overcome these challenges?

          Whether small or large, every organization faces challenges as for selecting employees. The challenges that organizations face are to plan for the need for new employees, getting appropriate individuals to apply for positions or recruitment, making the decision of which individuals to hire or selection, and getting the selected individuals to accept available jobs (Spector, 2012). Organizations must plan for the need of new employees when changes occur within the organization or when an organization expands in order to meet and sustain organizational goals. As recruitment, organizations must use effective means of letting potential know that new positions are available within the organization. As for selecting employees, it is an important and critical process for every organization. A selected employee or employees have the potential to either hinder or foster organizational goals, because a selected employee or employees are detrimental to an organization's success. Therefore, organizations must be very selective when selecting employees and the more selective organizations are the higher quality an individual may possess. Employee selection enables an organization to have an ample pool of potential employees to select from. As for getting individuals who an organization is interested in to accept available jobs, organizations must convincing applicants to accept available jobs. 
          To meet and overcome these challenges, organizations must forecasts human resources needs and demands. Organizations can recruit potential employees through the means advertising, employee referrals, employment agencies, school recruiters, walk-ins, and through the internet. Organizations must also use procedures based on statistical methodologies as set forth by I/O psychologist as for selecting potential employees used to develop selection systems, such as the criterion-related; which, is based on scientific principles and statistics; such as conducting a validation study (Spector, 2012). Getting selected individuals to accept open jobs requires an organization to provide a realistic job preview (RJP), which organizations use to give applicants accurate information in relation to the job and the organization (Spector, 2012).  

Spector, P. E. (2012). Industrial and organizational psychology (6th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

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