Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How does the way in which you perceive the world influence your thought process? Provide a specific example in your response. What other factors do you think affect your thought process?

          An individual's perceptions of the world are what influences his or her thought processes. An individual's experiences in regards to his or her environment helps shape one's perception by creating perceptual expectations (Shiraev & Levy, 2010). A perceptual set or the aforementioned expectations are what makes certain interpretations possibly occur, and are what increases the efficiency and speed of the perceptual process (Shiraev & Levy, 2010). For instance, one who has positive emotional experiences with others within his or her environment may receive that he or she will have other positive emotional experiences in other environments. 
          Other factors that affect an individual's thought processes are usually based on cultural beliefs and such cultural beliefs shapes one's experiences; therefore, influences one's thought processes. Cultural beliefs are factors which include personal, religious, nonreligious, scientific, and traditional beliefs, as well as philosophies and political ideologies.
Shiraev, E., & Levy, D. (2010). Cross-cultural psychology: Critical thinking and contemporary applications (4th ed). Boston: Pearson/Allyn Bacon.

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