Saturday, May 31, 2014

Select one of the comprehensive inventories Hogan (2007) included in the text (EPPS, NEO PI, MMPI, MCMI) and describe its major features. Describe an appropriate forum, demographic group, and purpose that would cause you to choose to use this test.

          The NEO Personality Inventory is the most appropriate for the Big Five personality factors. It is a comprehensive and detailed assessment or measure of the five major domains of personality, which are neuroticism (N), openness (O), conscientiousness (C), extraversion (E), and agreeableness (A) (Hogan, 2007). As well as the six facets that define each domain for instance the six facets of conscientiousness (C) which are competence, achievement striving, order, self-discipline, dutifulness, and deliberation. In regard to an appropriate forum, demographic group, and purpose for using the NEO PI, there are numerous forums, groups, and purposes for using this test. Since I work for an organization that assist children with varying psychological disorders, I would use this test at my workplace with varying demographic groups such as with potential employees for the purpose of testing individuals to determine if one possess the appropriate personalities and traits to interact with and assist the children I work with. 
          Also, to determine if these individuals are capable of showing a particular level of compassion and empathy  necessary to assist and possible change the lives of the children I work with; without behaving in a manner that may be detrimental the to the physical and psychological well-being of these children. 
Hogan, T. P. (2007). Psychological testing: A practical introduction (2nd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

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